Social Impact Research, the research division of Root Cause, releases an issue brief outlining the potential positive impact of re-engaing out of school and work youth in education, training and the workforce. According to research, effective investments in "disengaged youth" could reverse staggering individual and societal costs:

           $ 306,906         Lifetime cost of one high school dropout to the government
           $ 65.8 billion     Potential earnings loss of disengaged youth

Preparing disengaged youth for and connecting them to meaningful work experience can, according to the brief:
1. Encourage youth to re-engage with school
2. Develop academic persistence and career aspirations
3. Enable youth to gain valuable transferable job skills 
4. Reduce risky and deviant behaviors such as criminal activity, drug use, pregnancy, and violence
5. Reduce isolation for youth
6. Increase their self-awareness, resilience, hopefulness, and ability to cope with traumatic experience

For more information on the costs of disengaged youth, the barriers experienced by at-risk youth, and the qualities of effective programs...

            Social Issue Report: Youth Career Development


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